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Zhejiang Science and Technology Enterprise – Zhejiang OPS Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., is a hi-tech enterprise engaged in the R&D, production and sales of automobile beauty and related products. The company is strong in scientific research, with independent intellectual property rights, masters the core production technology and national invention patents of “car wash crystal” and “car wash powder” , advanced production technology, reliable quality, scientific management. Our own OPS brand wipe-free car wash crystal is widely applied to car surface cleaning in automobile 4S shops, car service stations and beauty service shops. We will continue to introduce a variety of high-end technology products related to automotive cleaning and maintenance.

What We Do


Zhejiang OPS Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. is an enterprise that engaged in research and development, production and sales of car beauty and related products.

Why We Better


With strong scientific research strength, the company owns independent intellectual property rights,  advanced production technology, reliable quality, and scientific management.

How We Succeed


Save water, electricity, manpower and reduce automobile sewage discharge, solve the recruitment difficulties and avoid scratches. Wipe-free car wash is the pursuit of our enterprise.

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Save time

Washing a car only takes 3 minutes, saving more than 30% time than traditional car wash.

Save water

No need pre-washing, saving about 30% water than traditional car wash.


Save Electricity

Save about 30% electricity than traditional foam car wash.

Save Manpower

Only need one worker to wash the car, saving labor cost.